Healthcare Practice Group

The most global industry and the most intensely local – varying widely in structure, regulation, funding and delivery. IPREX capability in the field reflects this, matching highly specialized local and sector knowledge with project management that reaps synergies across markets worldwide.

We provide communication support from strategy building to streamlined execution: delivering behavior change through public information campaigns, bringing new pharmaceuticals to market, advising on M&A and partnership transactions, managing hospitals’ reputations, marketing medical devices, reaching all target groups from patients through practitioners to governments.

Our healthcare practice consists of only agencies vetted for their abilities and track record in the industry, so our clients work with highly-skilled, qualified consultants used to managing the complex communication needs of the industry. They use the IPREX platform to leverage specialized knowledge and best practices from around the world to meet clients’ challenges in one market or many.

Healthcare Showcase

Healthcare Practices


Tokyo, Japan

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AM O’Sullivan PR

Cork, Ireland

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InfluenceSuite Spain

Madrid, Spain

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Marketing For Change Co

Orlando, USA

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Tallahassee, USA

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Susan Davis International

Washington DC, USA

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Makovsky + Company

New York, USA

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Minneapolis, USA

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Syracuse, USA

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Dublin, Ireland

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Copenhagen, Denmark

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Jarrard Phillips Cate & Hancock

Nashville/Chicago, USA

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Wells Haslem Mayhew Strategic Public Affairs

Sydney, Australia

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Cambre Associates

Brussels, Belgium

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Mount Laurel, USA

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Manchester, UK

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Spokane, USA

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10 to 1 Public Relations

Scottsdale, USA

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