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We are an integrated marketing and communication agency created by a merger of three specialist firms: PR agencies Replay and La Crèta, and entertainment industry marketing company ATTARA-E.

Having worked in the US, UK, Italy, Israel, the Netherlands, Singapore and Taiwan, our leadership team is well-placed to help companies and brands from around the world relate successfully to the culture, markets and communication environment of Japan.

So we are particularly focused on clients looking to enter the Japanese market, or develop their presence here from a small base, and we are always keen to work with start-ups.

We analyze clients’ target audiences in depth – identifying interests and needs – to ensure that our communication work promotes our clients’ benefits persuasively and delivers results.

Hiroshi Yasunaga, Joint CEO
Masashi Otobe, Joint CEO

After an early marketing career in hotels, cosmetics and food service, Hiroshi moved into the entertainment industry, responsible for content development, social design projects and artist management at MTV Japan. He established a marketing department for Sega’s game application business, managing collaboration with artistes from around the world before turning to marketing strategy and implementation, mainly for entertainment and IT companies.

Masashi moved from advertising to build his marketing and PR career at Integrate, where he was involved in creating the Xylitol boom. He founded the Replay agency in 2014 and his clients have included Johnson & Johnson, Citizen Watch, Fuji Television and Casley Consulting. He is a marketing and creative problem-solver working across the integrated communication spectrum

Contact: Hiroshi Yasunaga, Joint CEO
Mobile: +81 80 4799 6427
Contact: Masashi Otobe, Joint CEO
Mobile: +81 90 2316 7879


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