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If you need communication work in one place or many, IPREX can help. All our partners are high caliber owner-driven agencies we have rigorously vetted, and all are reviewed annually.

Use our Expertise Matrix to find an individual agency or a group to suit your needs - searching by industry expertise, practice skill and location. Use our map to search locations.

If you work with just one partner the experience and expertise of the entire network are available to you - within IPREX there is constant conversation as partners use the peer group to access experience, advice, ideas and best practices from around the world.

If you need work in several markets pick the most conveniently located partner, who can put together the team you need and act as lead agency if you work to this pattern.

We use a bespoke suite of engagement tools and systems, from briefing templates to assessment reports, to ensure seamless work across cultural and geographic boundaries.

With network operating costs less than 0.2 per cent of revenue, IPREX clients do not pay higher fees for global infrastructure they don't use - or for remote shareholders' profits. We are:

Global: We have high quality businesses - not branch offices - in major markets worldwide, so we are on the ground where our clients need us and where our cultural diversity is a business advantage

Channel-neutral: With no silo mentality, we focus on integrating strategies and channels that hit client targets

Collegial: We bring senior business and cultural expertise from around the world to bear on clients in one market or many, while innovations spread rapidly through the network

Professional: We work to high professional standards using modern management processes, and we police them

Flexible: We are set up to deliver everything from a quick project to a major international program

Fast: With no institutionalized chains of command we are quick off the mark and hit the ground running - particularly important in issues and crisis work

Effective: Our working systems promote seamless program management and deliver results our clients can measure.