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Funded by partner dues and initiation fees, we run an active organization using a combination of volunteer partners and professional staff. An Executive Committee, consisting of all the people pictured here, meets electronically once a month and is led by the Global Board:

  • Global President: our Chief Executive Officer, providing overall leadership, strategy and direction of the network
  • Secretary/Treasurer: our Company Secretary and Chief Financial Officer, responsible for network governance plus financial planning, management and reporting
  • Presidents of the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific: directing IPREX affairs in their respective regions

Four operating committees focus on:

  • Best practices: spreading knowledge throughout the network
  • Partner relations: delivering internal communication, from meetings to the intranet
  • Business development: creating tools and systems that match IPREX services to evolving client demands
  • Marketing: understanding markets and communicating the IPREX message

In support, we employ four professional staff:

  • Executive Director: directing and managing network operations
  • Global Administrator: day to day administration, financial communication, meetings
  • Directors of the Americas, EMEA: managing IPREX affairs in their regions


Global President
Andrei Mylroie
DH, Spokane, USA
Americas President
Nick Vehr
Vehr Communications, Cincinnati, USA
Asia Pacific President
David Croasdale
Newell PR, Hong Kong, China
EMEA President
John Williams
Mason Williams, London
Secretary / Treasurer
Carolyn Grisko
Grisko, Chicago, USA


Best Practices
Caroline Heywood
Walsh:PR, Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Partner Relations
John Scheibel
Trefoil Group, Milwaukee, USA
Mark O’Toole
HB/EMA, Boston US
Business Development
Mayte González-Gil
poweraxle, Madrid, Spain


Immediate Past President
Michael Schröder
ORCA Affairs, Berlin, Germany


Executive Director
David Watson
Global Administrator
Carol Clinkenbeard
Americas Director
Alaina Gjertsen
EMEA Director
Cas Jenster