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Three Big Takeaways from the IPREX Annual Event in Berlin

MARYVILLE – By Heather Ripley, Ripley PR
As a partner in IPREX, an international network of PR agencies, I was invited to attend the recent annual conference in Berlin on behalf of Ripley PR.

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What Does Wearable Technology Mean for Marketers?

OKLAHOMA CITY – By Amy Blackburn, Saxum
For decades, a watch was an indispensable accessory.

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Mobilegeddon 2015?

MILWAUKEE – By Vince Halaska, Trefoil Group

Another reason to optimize your website’s mobile user experience sooner rather than later.

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7 Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Brand Spokesperson

COLUMBUS – By Lesley Waldsmith, Fahlgren Mortine
A topic that comes up time and again in conversations with clients is the question of a brand spokesperson: When should the founder be the face o

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Social Media For a Cause

New York, by Valerie Pritchard, Makovsky 
Social media can help shed light on issues that might have otherwise remained in the dark and bring grassroots issues to awareness on a national level.

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SXSW 2015: It’s A Wrap

By Nick Vehr, Vehr Communications, Cincinnati
It’s been more than a week since I attended SXSW Interactive 2015.

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The Many Adventures of Tunheim and IPREX: Live from SXSW 2015

Written by Patrick Milan, Creative Destruction Officer, Tunheim, Minneapolis; follow him at @pmilan
Editor’s note: Patrick Milan, our creative destruction officer at Tunheim, is attending the SXSW

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The Truth About Cybersecurity Statistics

By Tom Davis, SDI Cyber Risk Practice, Washington DC
Mark Twain famously popularized the saying, “There are three kinds of lies.

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Women in PR show that you don’t need gender quotas

By Jim Walsh, Walsh Public Relations, Dublin
Gender quotas in Irish politics is a hot topic.

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Takeaways from the IPREX 2015 Global Leadership Conference

By Darcy Little, Vehr Communications, Cincinnati
Crossing into the future … My Top 5 takeaways from the IPREX 2015 Global Leadership Conference
After a two-mile walk in the rain, I did it.

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