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More honesty in the procurement process would be of great benefit to everyone

DUBLIN – By Jim Walsh, Walsh:PR
One of the most misused phrases in business today is ‘value for money’.

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5 Digital Strategy Mistakes Large Companies Make

We are in a new era of marketing—one that Forrester calls the “age of the customer.

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Should You Pay the Buck$ for a .Sucks Domain?

MINNEAPOLIS – By Pat Lilja, senior consultant, Tunheim
Hundreds of new Top-Level Domains (TLD’s) are joining the likes of .com, .org, and .net, including .sucks.

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Brussels Insider – Ten tips to boost EU-Asia relations

BRUSSELS – By Fraser Cameron, Cambre Associates 
On Monday 22 June, Federica Mogherini will introduce a rare debate on EU-Asia relations in the Foreign Affairs Council.

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Global Brand Challenges: Why Exporting a U.S. Brand Strategy to Europe Can Be Disastrous

Intercultural brand transfer is a new tool for global brand builders
MINNEAPOLIS – By Patrick Milan, creative destruction officer, Tunheim 

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Insights on the Asia Pacific Marketplace

CHICAGO – By Jonni Hegenderfer, Founder and Chief Vision Officer, JSH&A
Spending time with my IPREX partners is always a treat.

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How Social Media changes communication, dialogue & marketing

BERLIN – By Michael T. Schröder, CEO of ORCA Affairs and IPREX Global President
With 43% of online users logging in to social networks, the impact of these phenomena is constantly growing.

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Poor Communications Can Negate Effective Data Breach Response


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Building International Relationships

A global agency sitting in the Midwest
COLUMBUS – By Christy Bykowski, Fahlgren Mortine
Fahlgren Mortine is a global agency.
72 partners. 115 offices. 1,854 staff.

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Measuring PR Performance Against Budget – An IPREX Conversation

BOSTON – By Nicolas Boillot, HB

Years ago a public company CEO told me: “I hate PR. I  know we need it, but I never know if it’s worth the money. I don’t know if it’s doing well.

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