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When do you choose the super performer over the team?

DUBLIN – By Jim Walsh, Walsh:PR
Deciding on whether the super performer or the team is the most important to the organisation is a decision that many managers have to face whether in sport or bu

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(Too) Much Ado About Millennials

PHILADELPHIA – by Christopher Lukach, APR, Anne Klein Communications Group, originally published in the September/October issue of Ad News Philadelphia.

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Big Data – A big deal for Public Relations?

SYDNEY – By Christine Schulte, Wells Haslem Strategic Public Affairs

For those working in PR, it is important to understand stakeholders and if possible, how they can be brought to maintain

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Tunheim Hosts Global Partners, Discusses the Evolving Agency Industry

MINNEAPOLIS – Over the last weekend in September, Tunheim hosted the fall meeting for the Americas region of IPREX, a $250 million network of communications agencies in which Tunheim is a leadi

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Dealing with Australia’s ever-changing political landscape

SYDNEY – By Benjamin Haslem, Wells Haslem Strategic Public Affairs
Five changes in Prime Minister in less than eight years.

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Famous Last Words: “We don’t do marketing.”

MINNEAPOLIS – Written by Patrick Milan, creative destruction officer, Tunheim
“Social bullshit.

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New Chinese Law Set To Affect Global Marketers

BEIJING – by Maggie Chan, Director, Greater China, Newell Public Relations
On September 1 a new Chinese media law, “Advertisement Law of the People’s Republic of China,” goes into ef

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The Internet, Hostile Territory For Your Brand’s Reputation

NEW ORLEANS – By Beuerman Miller Fitzgerald
If you’re looking for quality insights from an agency that’s been named one of the “Top 5 Public Affairs Agencies” in the U.S.

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5 Tips on How to Win a Cannes Lion

SYRACUSE – By Ruben Lopez, Eric Mower + Associates
Winning a Lion in Cannes is what every creative marketer strives for.

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Breaking Down the Barriers of Global Communications

MILWAUKEE – By John Scheibel, Trefoil Group
I was recently presented with a piece of the Berlin Wall as a thank you gift for my service as global president of IPREX, a worldwide network of comm

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