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IPREX Releases Country-Specific Insights of Global Blogbarometer

IPREX Blogbarometer: Country-Specific Insights

IPREX Global Perspectives is a series of executive insights from our offices around the globe on issues that matter in a dynamic and interconnected world.

BELFAST – “This is the second time that we have taken part in the IPREX Blogbarometer and find that it has, once again, offered us a different perspective into the motivations of bloggers. Last year parenting was the most popular topic locally, however, lifestyle is now equally popular with 20% of our respondents blogging on each of these subjects.

“This varied from the global results where beauty and lifestyle were the top themes.  We believe that as the majority of Northern Ireland’s bloggers were in the 31 – 35 age bracket and female, many in this group may have young children, making ‘parenting’ of particular interest to them. Within the communications industry, building relationships is critical to a company’s evolution and success.  The IPREX Blogbarometer offers dcp a unique tool through which to engage the whole local blogging community across a wide range of interests and specialisms, beyond those contacted for our client work.” – Gwynneth Cockroft, Managing Director, dcp strategic communication

HELSINKI – “The Blogbarometer has been used by Manifesto for monitoring the evolution and trends of the Finnish blogosphere since 2009. Today, bloggers are subject to growing requirements in terms of presence, specialisation and professionalism. Companies’ pipe dreams of easy visibility are crumbling and there is an increasing focus on more long-term objectives. The leaders in this field are companies that put in place a specific blog strategy and commitment.

“Of the total of 218 respondents, 87 per cent were traditional bloggers and the rest vloggers and YouTubers. The most popular themes are food, drink and baking (16%), decoration and design (12%) and travel (11%).

“In 2015 social media channels have become fragmented and other channels beside blogs are being used extensively. Vloggers win ground and attract younger audiences. Instagram has evolved into the most commercialised social media channel second only to conventional blogs. The life cycle of trends is getting even shorter.” – Mikko Koistinen, Partner, Manifesto

MILAN  “In the last year we have successfully launched several products and services with the support of bloggers. They are able to reach the right target and readers trust them. Bloggers are even more structured on a professional level, and companies are now convinced of the importance of the phenomenon. In Italy, 90% of bloggers have been contacted by a PR agency and 88% of them think this is a positive thing. This kind of “new digital cooperation” between agencies and bloggers helps our customers succeed in reaching their goals, and being specialized in Digital PR is a competitive advantage for the agency.”  Lorenzo Gamba, PR, Media Relations and Digital Communication, Imageware

PRAGUE – “Czech bloggers are catching up with their peers from the most developed countries. This year’s insight into the Czech blogosphere shows growing professionalization, with bloggers improving their blogs and making more use of social networks to promote their work. These efforts go hand in hand with the increased targeting activity of companies, which are more active in direct communication with bloggers.” – Michal Donath, Managing Director and Owner, Donath Business & Media