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March 22, 2017

Michael Schröder, IPREX Global President, has been speaking on the opening day of the European Communications Conference in Munich.  In a wide-ranging review of recent political developments, he accuses politicians and professional communicators of failing to understand or prepare for “the other” (“in Germany it seems that nobody even had Mr Trump’s telephone number”).

He also maintains that we have not sufficiently appreciated the impact of the echo-chamber on social silo mentality – that we have forgotten to understand, accept and act on diversity (“We live among our own ... and since in public places many people lower their heads and fix their eyes on the mobile phone, they don’t even leave their own reality on the train or on a city stroll.”)

He believes that communication professionals need to up their game to deal with this, understanding how today’s communication channels and ecosystems are changing relationships between people, information and the media. What is missing is a commitment to understand, to empathize and to counter-argue, wherever relevant.

In an analysis of the status of “news” Michael, points out that the media tends to cover the unusual and the extraordinary, and so people who know the world only through the media will experience the extraordinary as normal. You don’t even need “fake news” (an “old issue”) to make this dangerous.

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