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September 9, 2016

An article about the IPREX Blogbarometer by Global President Michael Schröder has been published by ICCO – the International Communications Consultancy Organisation. See the full article here.  

IPREX is a direct member of ICCO, which is made up of national trade associations in 28 countries around the globe: from Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia. Collectively, these associations represent some 1,500 PR firms.

Michael will be representing IPREX at the Global ICCO PR summit in Oxford, UK, in late September. 





September 9, 2016

Communication, public relations and events agency Arenalia Comunicación & Eventos, with head offices in Barcelona, has launched a delegation in Madrid with the objective of offering a closer service to its clients based in the capital of Spain, such as Qatar Airways or VF-Vans. From now on, Arenalia will be able to optimize its synergies by being present in the two main Spanish cities.

Oscar Iniesta, Arenalia’s CEO, founded the communication and PR agency in 2004. The agency is focused on managing the reputation, awareness, relations, positioning and knowledge of national and international companies and institutions. Arenalia manages the communication of international companies in the Spanish and European markets such as Harley-Davidson, Pepsico or Panasonic, as well as the worldwide communication of Spanish companies like Ficosa (Automotive sector) or (Tourism sector).

Arenalia, with around 25 consultants, is now in the position to offer a more complete and efficient service in Spain and the Iberian Peninsula to all the associated members of IPREX, one of the most important networks of independent PR agencies in the world.

IPREX has another partner, poweraxle, in Madrid.