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   Classic folder to attract attention and get more donations
   Consumer/Die Boje/EMEA/Lang & Tomaschtik Communications


“Die Boje” is a clinic and offers services to children and teenagers who are suffering from severe emotional distress and intrusive traumatic life events. The goal was an inexpensive form of self-expression, to concentrate the attention of more people on the concerns of the clinic and to continously increase the amount of donations. Lang & Tomaschtik Communications was commissioned to develop a concept.


Together with the management team of “Die Boje” we opted for a classic presentation folder, structured in a modular fashion. Since then, the employees have used it successfully in all their meetings.


The goal was to find an inexpensive form of presentation, and we achieved that. This was a "pro bono" project which has now won several national awards. A win-win situation for the customer and the agency.