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   Sustainability Report showing the company's strategy
   B2B/Raiffeisen Leasing/EMEA/Lang & Tomaschtik Communications


Raiffeisen Leasing has been successful in Austria and internationally for around 50 years and has many years of experience and extensive know-how in the fields of vehicle, equipment and real estate leasing. With projects for wind energy or eco-friendly plant construction the company is pursuing a sustainable strategy approach. So Lang & Tomaschtik Communications was engaged to define the company's performance in terms of sustainability and to make it visible to the public.


The solution was quickly found. An annual sustainability report showing the business concept and appropriate action in detail. Internal measures such as reduced paper consumption and environmentally conscious waste separation were described as well as social and ecological projects. In addition to their own concepts, successfully-implemented plans of customers in the field of sustainability were also presented.


Initially, the Sustainability Report was only published as a part of the Annual Report. Because of the positive feedback from the employees and business partners, the management of the leasing company decided to issue the report as an independent publication. The first "decoupled" Sustainability Report of Raiffeisen Leasing comprised 20 pages and was released in German and English.