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   Money scout - the magazine for clients and friends
   Consumer/AWD/EMEA/Lang & Tomaschtik Communications


When the financial services provider AWD had reached a size that made it impossible to remain in personal contact with all clients Lang & Tomaschtik Communications was commissioned to build and implement an exclusive, ongoing and sustained communication to the AWD customers and the public.


Loyalty and financially potencies customers deserve an exclusive communication about the success of the business partner and exclusive stories on the subject of money. Beside other measures "Money scout - the magazine for clients and friends of AWD" was launched. A glossy magazine with luxury character. At least four times per year on 48 pages the team reported on the subject investing and upscale leisure issues.


The new customer magazine was very well received by the customers of AWD, the public and the salespeople of the company were very fond of it and they even used for customer acquisition. And so the management of AWD decided to send the magazine also to non-customers.