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   Survey to review mobility behavior and future developments
   Consumer/VAV Versicherungs-AG/EMEA/Lang & Tomaschtik Communications


The VAV Versicherungs-Aktiengesellschaft is an innovative insurance company with a focus on insurance products for cars and transport, home, household, legal and accident in Austria since 1974. The challenge was to enhance the presentation of insurance products for cars and transport in order to boost the sales. So Lang & Tomaschtik Communications was commissioned to develop a media-compatible format to present VAV as an expert and innovator to the domestic media.


Surveys with a representative sample are still a guarantee for media interest. Therefore, the so-called "Mobility Barometer" was developed. This survey is carried out once a year and reviews the mobility behavior and the assessment of future developments. An emphasis is also placed on new drive technologies such as e-mobility and hybrid vehicles. The results are presented at press conferences. Single additives or special visits will be awarded exclusively to trade press or major newspapers.


2016 the "Mobility Barometer” was presented for the fifth time. Dozens of online and print media and the public radio and TV broadcaster ORF have recently reported the results. Only in the first quarter of 2016 the advertising value reached around EUR 250,000. VAV insurance and its General Director were positioned as innovators for new drive models and modern mobility behavior. So there are numerous media inquiries on the subject, not only at the annual press conference.