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   Storm Safety Campaign
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As the second largest electricity distribution company in the state of Indiana, NIPSCO has more than 468,000 electric customers across. Keeping customers safe and informed is a top priority for NIPSCO. When severe weather strikes, the utility wants customers to know where to go for important information related to their electric service and any interruptions that may have occurred.

As NIPSCO’s agency of record, Borshoff was tasked with creating an advertising campaign to promote the convenience of NIPSCO’s mobile site, which features an outage center that allows customers to stay connected when they lose power and access important information in the event of a storm.  


Borshoff worked with NIPSCO to develop a comprehensive advertising campaign promoting the outage center on NIPSCO’s mobile site as the ideal tool for customers to access information in the event of a power outage. The campaign also underscored important safety messages such as staying away from downed power lines. The creative used dramatic but realistic imagery to engage customers, featured headlines that played off common phrases to persuade customers to report an outage, and clearly displayed the mobile interface so customers could quickly identify with the site.

The campaign ran during the peak summer thunderstorm season in NIPSCO’s electric service territory and included radio spots, digital ads, mobile ads (some weather-triggered), print ads and out-of-home advertising. Customer communications included a bill insert, email blast and graphics for NIPSCO’s website. In addition to driving customers to the outage center, it promoted NIPSCO’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, which also provide outage updates when severe weather strikes.


With more than 12 million media impressions, NIPSCO saw a significant jump in website traffic to the outage center following the campaign launch. When comparing site traffic for the campaign period in 2014 to the same timeframe in 2013, visits were up 62 percent year-over-year on the desktop landing page and the mobile traffic increased by 289 percent. The weather-triggered mobile ads were especially relevant to users and generated a high click-through rate.

Borshoff is continuing its partnership with NIPSCO in 2015 to promote new outage alerts that customers can sign up to receive via email, text or phone.