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   University of Michigan partners with Jiatong University, Shanghai
   B2B/University of Michigan/Asia Pacific/Newell PR


The University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business turned to IPREX China partner, Newell PR, to help announce a partnership with the Shanghai’s prestigious Jiatong University. Timezones, a tight timeframe and a requirement for coverage across different media verticals added to the project’s complexity


With senior faculty members from both sides in attendance, a press conference was held in Shanghai with key daily newspapers, national and business media, news agencies and portals plus education journalists all attending.


Rather than being just an education story, Newell PR successfully secured coverage across a broad spectrum of Tier 1 media with China’s news agency, Xinhua, also covering the story. A total of 31 clippings were monitored all of which were positive and helped to further enhance University of Michigan’s profile and establish valuable links with the media.