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   L.I.F.E. energy drink scores slam dunk in Hong Kong
   Consumer/MWFC Global Ventures Hong Kong Ltd./Asia Pacific/Newell PR


How do you do you launch a new energy drink in Hong Kong when the marketplace has ‘seen it all before?” This was the challenge given to Newell PR for the launch of L.I.F.E. in Hong Kong. Added to the mix was the desire for business and finance media to cover the story in an area traditionally cornered by the consumer media. Basketball champion Mike Miller was coming to Hong Kong together with his friend, basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal, to participate in the media campaign and associated events. As this was a first-time event, all press materials had to be written from scratch.


Created by Mike Miller, L.I.F.E. was re-formulated for the Asian market by MWFC Global Ventures Limited; a Hong Kong company. Newell PR organised a press conference at the world’s highest hotel, a slew of print and online interviews, and international TV interviews. One highlight was having L.I.F.E. opened on air by Bloomberg TV First Up's anchor and giving a (positive) taste test – this interview was re-broadcast several times that day globally.


The press conference was attended by 50 journalists, 12 print / online interviews were conducted in the space of an hour, six TV interviews and three radio interviews took place, 125 online, TV/radio and print clippings were monitored in the first 48 hours, and there were 60,238,627 online page views. Almost all coverage included a product photo. This also included an extended interview on CNN’s flagship show, Talk Asia (set to air later). The initial enquiry came in via LinkedIn – the first time Newell PR has won a project in this way.