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   Making designers aware of piracy


Adobe is a leading producer of award winning software and technologies, setting the standard of collaboration and communication for more than 25 years. They asked us to create an anti-piracy communication strategy in order to educate designers about software value, stimulate purchase of original software and communicate a strong, modern anti-piracy message.


Our strategy was to integrate on and offline activities and focus on key targets, using a web 2.0 approach to reach marketing communication consultants and influencers. Our job was to educate, using emotion to involve the designers - who have a creative approach to life and business - while supporting brand reputation and sales. The concept of the campaign was “Stop smoking, stop getting fat; moderate alcohol, moderate speed. But don’t moderate creativity, the only vice that is good for you.”

Our one-month campaign used a strong identity and a dedicated website with an educational theme: “The Originals” - young talents used as testimonials. Our digital strategy delivered engagement and communication on social networks (dedicated page) - a viral campaign. We involved partners, clients, associations (offering materials for retailers), and we ensured there was strong synergy with other marketing activities.


During the month there were 23,500 visits to the website - 63% direct traffic, 35% from other websites and social networks; 60,000 page views; 6 “Originals” testimonials; over 600 members on Facebook; 5 direct emails, with 560,000 emails sent and 192,000 email opened and read.

The campaign was cost efficient (no advertising or SEO expenditure) and our social media work generated a high level of interaction and response, reaching a community of 220,000 people and enabling us to develop synergy with key influencers: creative associations, universities and business social networks.