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   Creation of Custom Digital Platform for Global Architecture Firm
   Digital/VOA Associates/The Americas/Grisko


How do you showcase an architectural design firm’s expertise to multiple audiences? VOA Associates Inc. has a portfolio with a broad landscape of expertise. VOA’s strength is defined by its collection of work in multiple markets and roster of unique talent. While this is what sets VOA apart from all the rest, it also presented its biggest obstacle. The company needed a platform where it could connect with audiences across numerous industries and share its catalog of experience. VOA called on Grisko to help come up with a strategy and a plan.


Creating a public stage. We came up with a platform for VOA to showcase its leadership in multiple industries by launching the VOA blog. We designed the look and feel and defined the user experience. The idea was to have the blog serve as an interactive and visually inspired space that encourages users to interact and explore. As it relates to storytelling, VOA wanted the space to allow flexibility in featuring various content, including long feature stories, quick updates, video, imagery, etc. Because VOA creates customized spaces to fit a client’s specific needs, the blog also includes a unique, one-of-a-kind content customization tool. By adjusting interactive sliders, visitors can individualize their experience to stay on top of their interests in multiple categories—including design, viewpoint, trends, culture and news.


Sharing content across platforms. VOA now has a vehicle to not only share original content with its audiences, but to also empower these audiences to take the VOA story and run with it. Integrated with VOA’s social media efforts, the blog serves as a resource for both VOA and its audiences, allowing them to share content across multiple platforms and spread the VOA story even further.