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   Ventra is Here: The Nationís First Ever Open Payment System for Transit
   Technology/Chicago Transit Authority & Cubic Transportation Systems/The Americas/Grisko


How do you transition more than 1 million daily riders to a new public transit fare payment system? The Chicago area transit agencies developed an innovative new fare payment system that utilizes contactless technology, allowing riders to simply ‘touch’ their card or phone to board trains and buses. The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and Pace Suburban Bus, in partnership with Cubic Transportation Systems, turned to Grisko to brand the new system. And in the process, change the daily routine of more than 1 million ethnically and demographically diverse commuters.


Ventra is here. We built a brand, Ventra®, from the ground up, and developed a logo and identity for it. Throughout the yearlong transition, Grisko was able to quickly adapt to the evolving needs of the riders and created a myriad of timely and effective communications strategies and targeted campaigns throughout all phases, including system launch, transition and post-launch. These campaigns blanketed the city with attention-grabbing, educational information utilizing multiple channels including TV, radio, print, digital, in-system buses and trains, out of home and community outreach. Grisko also developed and managed Ventra’s social media channels to provide an educational outlet and trusted customer service platform for riders.


Establishing a new way to pay. An undertaking of this size had never been attempted before. But In just four months, we introduced Ventra to Chicago and helped the CTA achieve a 70 percent adoption rate—an average of more than one million fare card taps a day—with all riders fully transitioned to Ventra soon after that. Grisko continues to provide Cubic and the CTA strategic support as the Ventra system evolves, brings on new regional transit partners and management offerings.