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   Over 100 media witness Seagate’s Wireless Plus launch in Beijing, China
   Consumer/Seagate/Asia Pacific/Newell PR


Seagate, the world’s largest hard-disk supplier, turned to long-term partner Newell PR to launch the first streaming capable wireless storage device – Wireless Plus – in Beijing, China. The pocket-sized device couples 1Tb with Wi-Fi capability, creates its own network and streams content to eight smartphones or tablets simultaneously. The event also provided an opportunity to introduce Seagate China’s new Vice President and General Manager to the media.


As this was a significant product launch for Seagate, Newell PR created a special event to introduce Wireless Plus in a way that would attract technology and non-technology media. Held at a modern facility in Beijing, and incorporating a modern theme involving bamboo and the outdoors, the large-scale press conference also included a guest appearance by a famous travel show producer.


The press conference was attended by 100 technology, lifestyle and consumer media who enthusiastically embraced Wireless Plus, the theme, the chance to hear from a famous celebrity and also meet Seagate’s new Vice President and General Manager. The event also further strengthened Newell PR’s relationship with Seagate.