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   Launching products in the music industry
   Technology/Jabra/EMEA/Avangard Global Communications


There were three main goals: to present Jabra in the Russian market as an expert in music and sound systems; to build effective channels of communication about Jabra’s music product line with target audiences; to create and deliver extra value of Jabra products to current and potential customers in Russia.


The agency used the following tools to implement the idea:

  • Promotional projects with celebrities and opinion-formers, known also as Jabra Music Ambassadors
  • Focusing on the trend of ‘lifestyle and music media’ to advance Jabra’s image and music products
  • Initiating and supporting special promotional projects
  • Implementing and supporting socially significant activities and projects aimed at projecting Jabra as a socially oriented company.


During 18 months of cooperation about 1,450 articles and comments were published as a result of 62 special media campaigns. Total audience coverage was more than 50 million.