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   Kicker Business League
   Integrated/Heineken/EMEA/Avangard Global Communications


Heineken company needed to create an additional communication channel for Russian consumers in order to bring together sport and beer images, to compensate for the the new ban on alcohol promotion in Russia.


The Russian subsidiary of Heineken was traditionally one of the major spenders on Russian TV marketing, so Avangard GC decided to use alternative ways of communication, mainly digital and face-to-face, to reach its loyal consumers. We launched the campaign of “Road to the Final” which connected the Heineken brand image with the Moscow table football (kicker) championship, and the UEFA world championship.

The Agency carried out Kicker Business League championship among Moscow white collar fans in 2013 and the winners were invited to the UEFA Champions League Final. Avangard GC developed a mobile app to ease both the registration and selection processes. The whole KBL championship was announced and supported on the KBL Facebook page.


The Russian subsidiary of Heineken won the Brand Building Awards 2013 for KICKER BUSINESS LEAGUE 2014. The supporting media campaign reached more than 164 million targeted consumers.