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   Outsourcing a press office
   B2B/AGCO/EMEA/Avangard Global Communications


The market leader in agricultural machinery production - AGCO Machinery needed to boost sales on the Russian market and to deal with low brand awareness. For at least a decade, AGCO concentrated on the r Challenger tractor brand in the Russian market, until 2014 when the company decided to change the key brand to Massey Fergusson, a previously little-known brand.


Following research, Avangard GC decided to go local: to add into the media plan small local newspapers (which are read by most farmers and agrarians) in all the Russian regions.

We drew up a PR plan which includes the main concepts of content writing (key messages), communication channels and tools. We developed a theme of season-dependent information flow and integrated it into the PR plan.


As a result of three months PR outsourcing, the AGCO information flow covers 56 Russian regions. Compared to the same period a year ago the number of regions covered increased by 45%, reaching over seven million target contacts.