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   Lake Baikal Green Project
   Corporate/Heineken/EMEA/Avangard Global Communications


Heineken owns one of the main breweries in Irkutsk near Baikal, producing a beer named “Baikal coasts”. In 2000 they initiated an ecological program, promoted as “Clean coast for Baikal lake”. This program was meant to deal with the negative environmental impact on this famous lake and the biggest reservoir of fresh water in the world. Tourist interest and visits to this lake had been increasing in recent years, but after a decade the project declined and ceased to be effective. Heineken were looking for new ways to reach its target audiences, mainly governors and tourists. Taking into account the long distance between Baikal and European Russia, we needed brand ambassadors to help extend the reach of the project.


In 2013 Avangard created a new idea to develop “green thinking” in Russian society and started from eco-tourism. This project was launched in Baikal. The new strategy had a specific structure based on the world’s first idea of eco-coaching technologies and the first ambassadors - well-known Russian bloggers.

Bloggers, who have a substantial impact on their followers, developed their own “green thinking” ideas based on the original concept. This led them to a credible positioning for the “Baikal ambassadors”.


Bloggers passed on information about the project to their followers and about 150 articles were published in Russian media along with 90 LiveJournal reviews, significantly increasing awareness, and in Heinekenís program for 2013-14 has focused on the promotion of this project, boosting its long-term effectiveness.