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   B2B/Unimaq (Caterpillar)/The Americas/Lever Comunicaciones & Branding


Unimaq, the rental store of Caterpillar in Peru, needed to improve its personnel attitude towards its clients. Lever’s challenge was to create a campaign focused on creating an extraordinary selling attitude.


We had three strategies: creating bonds between colleagues, identifying each colleague with Unimaq and creating consciousness about the key importance of clients. Along with posters, fliers and e-mails, we created a character called Uniman. Uniman reflected the best of a Unimaq colleague: excellent attitude towards peers and clients and solid and ethical values. Uniman was created to be a hero worth emulating.


The campaign created by Lever was a success. Colleagues from Unimaq identified with Uniman and their attitude towards themselves and clients improved greatly. 81% of the colleagues thought that Uniman met its objectives. In fact, Unimaq was awarded a Best Internal Dealer Communication Recognition by Caterpillar Americas.