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   Cupcake Challenge Media Campaign
   Consumer/Dr. Oetker Baking/EMEA/Walsh:PR


For this campaign, we were trying to leverage the cupcake craze to help introduce Irish bakers to the new and existing baking product range on offer from Dr. Oetker.


To help meet this challenge, Walsh PR developed a targeted consumer print and online media campaign, which was focused around a consumer baking competition, The Cupcake Challenge. The team combined a traditional and digital media approach to encourage the target market, female 20+, to enter the Cupcake Challenge online and engage with the brand and the baking community on Facebook and Twitter. To support this campaign, the team created a bespoke cupcake dress for a photoshoot and issued recipes to the media. They also issued product, traditional and social media press releases to target media.


The campaign received thousands of entries to the Cupcake Challenge. The Cupcake Challenge campaign was well received by the media and achieved a total print readership of almost two million (1,906,290). Total advertising value equivalent is 16,889 which has a PR value equivalent of 50,667.