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The shortage of skilled worker is a problem that plagues manufacturing and a variety of other industries. Due to a shortage of skilled labor, Milacron—an international manufacturer of plastics manufacturing equipment, technologies and services—was having difficulty recruiting and hiring qualified personnel.


With assistance from Trefoil Group, Milacron launched a comprehensive talent acquisition initiative by generating overall interest in manufacturing, encouraging and enabling technical education and providing paths for individuals to advance their careers. To accomplish these goals, Milacron would establish partnerships with regional high schools and colleges. At the high-school level, Milacron would provide co-op and apprenticeship opportunities for students in their junior and senior years. For college students, Milacron would offer scholarships to support advancing education in manufacturing fields. From internships to co-ops to full time, Milacron would provide novice employees the opportunities to gain experience and a paycheck while still going to school. With help from Trefoil Group, Milacron created a Twitter feed, Facebook page and testimonial video-rich microsite—all supported by public relations—to establish its leadership position, create buzz and promote the benefits of manufacturing careers.


Within the first six months, Milacron’s new recruitment microsite had more than 3,200 unique visitors, 12,300 page views and more than 2,500 people who filled out forms requesting employment opportunities. In the first month of the program, Milacron hired nearly half a dozen new employees as a direct result of this campaign, and the company’s human resources department estimates that it will account for 25-35% of all new hires.