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   Revamping a Customer Communication Piece
   B2B/MSX International/The Americas/Eisbrenner Public Relations


MSX International (MSXI), a leading global provider of Human Capital Solutions and Retail Network Solutions, partnered with Eisbrenner PR to revamp its customer communication piece, “The Quarterly.” The company was looking to inform its customers with relevant, useful information about market trends in one of its key business units.


Our team created a 4-page template, condensing it from 8-pages, which included larger visuals, custom graphics and a clean layout that complimented MSXI’s brand standards. In addition, we wrote and edited the newsletter content to reflect MSXI’s thought leadership, providing information on key solutions that add value to the reader. To help streamline future production, we also created a newsletter process guide and standards.


Through “The Quarterly,” MSXI is able to communicate key trends and market news to better inform its customers about potential business issues that could affect near- or long-term decisions. It also helps further position MSXI as a resource and thought leader for its customers, strengthening the overall relationship.