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   Forming a Succinct Message for Schuler Inc.
   B2B/Schuler Incorporated/The Americas/Eisbrenner Public Relations


Schuler Incorporated, a global leader in innovative metal forming technologies, came to Eisbrenner PR for help in creating a cohesive message that concisely communicated its expertise to companies in numerous industries, including vehicle manufacturing, coin minting, packaging, household equipment, and the aerospace and defense markets


We organized a Message Coaching session using our proprietary process to help Schuler clarify, organize and effectively communicate the important elements of what the company is able to deliver. With input from Schuler’s large sales and executive teams, we crafted messages that were validated with facts and then organized in a concise and easy-to-navigate model.


As a result, the team was able to address the challenges they have faced in communicating the company’s diverse capabilities and were able to utilize the concise messaging in webinars, press releases, media pitches, sales activities and daily communication.