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The Detroit Jazz Festival is the world’s largest free jazz festival and a true cultural event in the heart of Detroit. It is an important cultural organization with a year-round presence, actively supporting education programs and other institutions that nurture jazz. For over three decades the festival created a strong legacy; however, it went through numerous changes in recent years and needed to increase its local financial support and raise awareness of its importance to Southeast Michigan, including its year-round activities that help students and the community. The goal was to position the organization as critical to the cultural fabric of the region and one that must be supported.


To help meet this challenge, Eisbrenner Public Relations was invited to join the team to develop a targeted media relations campaign that was focused on delivering key messages to key audiences. This campaign was focused specifically in gaining coverage in new business-focused outlets that reached a more corporate business audience. Utilizing its expertise and existing media relationships, Eisbrenner PR was able to increase the awareness of its year-round activities and importance through strategic media placements and securing interviews and meetings with local media.


The messages were successfully incorporated in numerous interviews on both broadcast and traditional publications, and there was an increase of media coverage by 60 percent over the festival weekend alone.