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   Creating an Event Experience for Dana Customers
   B2B/Dana/The Americas/Eisbrenner Public Relations


Dana Holding Corporation tapped Eisbrenner PR’s Events Group to develop a customer hospitality event at the 2011 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). The company was looking to strengthen relationships with customers and provide an opportunity for them and their families to attend NAIAS.


To further encourage networking and further strengthen relationships, Dana employees interacted with guests throughout the day including at the Detroit Science Center, on the round-trip shuttle transportation and on the show floor at NAIAS. Additionally, in an effort to encourage the next generation of automotive industry professionals, each family received a year-long membership to the Detroit Science Center.


Customer attendance was outstanding; the event exceeded expected attendance, with 70 individual customer contacts from Dana’s top customers. And Dana employees had the opportunity to strengthen individual relationships and create goodwill among the customers’ families, not to mention experience a bunch of really cool cars.