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   Educational Campaign about Prostate Cancer
   Healthcare/Oncura GE Healthcare/EMEA/poweraxle


Prostate cancer was the second-biggest cause of death among Spanish men in 2001 and 8,000 new cases were being diagnosed each year. If the disease is not diagnosed on time, it can cause death. Oncura was introducing an innovative therapy, prostate brachytherapy, which could be applied to patients in early stage of this cancer.

poweraxle developed a national educational campaign to make Spaniards aware of the importance of the early diagnosis of prostate cancer and positioning prostate brachytherapy as one of the most effective and less aggressive treatments to combat this disease.


We used three core strategies during the 12 years of the campaign. The first was the creation of an independent non-profit association (CBP), bringing together urologists, radiation oncologists and physicist from prestigious hospitals that would lend the necessary credibility and scientific rigour to the communication messages.

The second consisted of distributing information to media to reach the public and medical community through a campaign launch press conference, monthly press releases, interviews with CBP expert's panel, bylined articles, etc.

The third strategy was about developing communication tools which respond to the information needs of each audience, such as the organization of public conferences with CBP's specialists; development of the CBP website; edition and distribution of the free book "Prostate Brachytherapy: Information for Patients"; negotiation for concept placement in a national TV series; collaboration with the AECC (Spanish Associations against Cancer) and organization of scientific events and annual meetings of users of the technique.



This campaign produced an annual average of 125 press clippings, 25 interviews in media and a reaching more than 20 million people. Likewise, over 4,000 information books were distributed to hospitals and patients and the CBP website received more than 6,000 visits.