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Alexander Communications (AC) started working with brandsExclusive in September 2012 to help effectively launch the website into the New Zealand market. Following soaring customer growth levels in Australia, expectations were high for New Zealand.


To ensure key audiences were reached, AC sought out influencers within the New Zealand fashion industry. This included key mainstream and fashion media, independent fashion bloggers and fashion stylists. Credit card-styled cards (personalised for each person) were sent out so individuals could test drive brandsExclusive for themselves. The uptake of the cards was impressive, with over 50% of those approached, taking advantage of the personalised card. As individuals accessed the shopping club, AC began approaching media to secure editorial opportunities.


On initial launch day, The New Zealand Herald featured the online shopping club. To further involve readers, AC set up a poll on The New Zealand Herald website to discover the fashion buying habits of reader’s. The results were valuable and saw many new subscribers join the club. Media and influential fashion bloggers took to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to talk about the site. Fashion website, Thread, even profiled the personalised credit card they had received from brandsExclusive. brandsExclusive head buyer, Garth Allan, appeared on TVNZ’s Good Morning show, spoke with Garth, as did and other online sites and Crazy Chic ( brandsExclusive also appeared in print publications Crème Magazine, Girlfriend Magazine, NZ Retail and Tempo (pullout in Waikato Times). Radio New Zealand ‘Insight’ explored the future of shopping in New Zealand. brandsExclusive co-founder and Managing Director, Daniel Jarosch, was interviewed by journalist Penny MacKay and spoke of the online shopping club’s close relationships with traditional retail stores who must adjust to the introduction of online retailers. The full programme can be heard here.