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   100 million Copeland Scroll compressors
   Technology/Emerson Climate Technologies/The Americas/Fahlgren Mortine


Twenty-five years ago, Copeland (now Emerson Climate Technologies) launched an industry-changing technology, the Copeland Scroll compressor, which greatly increased the efficiency of home air conditioning and commercial refrigeration systems and almost immediately became industry-standard technology. In the last 25 years, Emerson has produced 100 million Copeland Scroll compressors. To highlight its industry leadership, Emerson wanted an innovative global program to celebrate the 100 millionth production milestone and 25th anniversary of Copeland Scroll technology.


To reach this goal, Fahlgren Mortine developed an integrated program around turning compressors into art (think Chicago cows, Cincinnati pigs) that incorporated social media, trade shows, media relations, customer communications, and online advertising. As part of our comprehensive planning for the painted Copeland Scroll compressor program, we looked at engaging the following audiences.

  • Employee engagement - Each of the eight Copeland Scroll manufacturing facilities turned a compressor into art representing the facility and their region.
  • Industry engagement - Displayed the painted compressors at six key industry trade shows and events.
  • Social media engagement - Created Facebook app (Emerson Climate's first) and encouraged voting for their favorite compressor by employees, trade schools, community partners and customers.
  • Community engagement - The winner in the Facebook voting made a donation to a local HVACR training school.


This program was unlike anything that Emerson had ever done, and the results were outstanding.

The painted Copeland Scroll compressor program generated 135,000 votes on Facebook, along with comments in four languages, rallied employees and served as a focal point in trade shows around the world.

This program was recognized as the Best Use of Facebook by BtoB Magazine's 2012 Social Media Marketing Awards.