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   Live On. Ride On - organ donor campaign
   Healthcare/Lifeline of Ohio/The Americas/Fahlgren Mortine


While 90 percent of Americans say they support organ donation, only 52 percent of Ohioans are registered donors. With 18 Americans dying each day waiting for a transplant, turning sentiment into action is vital. Lifeline of Ohio partnered with Fahlgren Mortine to help them overcome apathy and drive action. We recommended segmenting by affinity to increase relevance, and appealing to self interest rather than altruism. Our proposal was to target the motorcyclists and focus our marketing efforts directly on these enthusiasts.


During our research, we learned that "organ donor" was a derogatory term among motorcyclists, and the campaign sought to change that while increasing donor registrations and creating a pilot for affinity audience outreach. We set the goal of converting five percent of central and southeast Ohio motorcyclists to registered organ donors (12,250).

The joint Fahlgren Mortine/Lifeline of Ohio team assembled a task force of motorcycle enthusiasts and identified regional motorcycle events to participate in, groups to reach, and stories to tell. Outreach was planned through motorcycle training programs, which motorcyclists must complete before going to the BMV to get their motorcycle endorsement.

Task force members set up a display and staffed 18 events, including the Honda Super Cycle Weekend and Quaker Steak and Lube Bike Nights. A raffle with custom-designed patches and t-shirts gave volunteers a reason to engage in conversation.



While it will take four years to understand the impact of the campaign because of the renewal cycle for Ohio drivers licenses, initial goals already have been exceeded, and approximately 3,000 additional motorcyclists in Lifeline of Ohio's service area are now registered organ donors.

The campaign confirmed the affinity audience approach, which will be used in future campaigns. Live On. Ride On. was recognized with the 2010 PRSA Silver Anvil in the Public Service category.